Director General Message

Raja Fazal Khaliq

Director General, KPRA

Secretary, Policy Board

It is a matter of pleasure for me to launch KPRA own website which is required under the law for electronic communication in respect of assigned taxation matters such as e-filing, e-payments, e-notice, e-notification to facilitate the taxpayers. Furthermore, the Authority is obligated to practice transparency and public participation as a norm for all its processes and policies.

Since the establishment of KPRA in 2013, the organization was never fully operationalized due to many reasons, including frequent turnover of top management. Nevertheless, the nascent organization successfully achieved the revenue targets despite meager human resources and other constraints. The institutional development, legal framework, strategies formulation, team building and communication strategy were finally completed during the year, 2017.Two policy Making Council meetings were held in April, 2017 and August, 2017 wherein major decisions were taken which laid a sound foundation for this important revenue organization.

We believe that with the support of our stakeholders, the Authority will be in a position not only to win laurels but also set new standards of organizational efficiency, and promotion of voluntary compliance of sales tax laws in the province. Our aim is to stimulate the service providers and continue to assist them in meeting their tax obligations conveniently and without any hassle. This website is one of our key initiatives to facilitate taxpayers and to promote tax culture in the province.

I take this opportunity to thank the members of Policy Board for extending its full support and my team members who worked beyond the call of duty for transforming KPRA into an efficient, forward looking and modern public-sector Revenue Authority. I am confident that KPRA will achieve its intended objectives in coming few years, which would realize our vision of a self-reliant Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, In-sha- Allah.