Key Initiatives

Broadening of tax base

In order to explore potential tax payers in the hotel industry, the Authority obtained data about operational hotels and restaurants of Naran Valley through secondary source and served them with notices for mandatory registration. Besides, Informative workshops were held in order to educate the hotel and restaurant owners about their obligations towards Sales Tax on services and their role in improving the Provincial tax revenues. The restaurants and hotels showed positive response to those notices which led to increase in revenue.

IT Enabled Taxpayer Support Services

The taxpayers have been provided all-encompassing e-services on net and through call centres for e-filing, e-payment and e-record keeping facilitation over the dedicated web portal of the Authority at The web portal enables the service providers who intend to register for Sales Tax on services, voluntarily, to give particulars about his business or services at his convenience on an online application form. Another website has been recently launched to educate the taxpayers and sharing of comprehensive information with all stakeholders.


Awareness Campaigns

KPRA conducted series of event for awareness of taxpayers and their obligation to pay taxes on the services they deliver in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. KPRA reached out to the masses via social media, TV talk shows, print, and electronic media in order to sensitize them on the registration process and filing their tax returns.

Training of withholding Agents

Through a series of workshops, around 200 withholding agents have been trained and sensitized about their obligation under the Withholding Regulation. A significant improvement has been observed in revenue coming through withholding agents.