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For complaints please contact:

Director General, KPRA

Phone: 091-9239066
Director Inquiry and Investigations

Phone: 091-9216262


  • KPRA Headquarters,
    Railways track, Phase-3 Chowk,
    Hayatabad, Peshawar
  • +92 91 9239062
S. No Name Designation Number
Directorate General
1 Muhammad Tahir Orakzai Director General
2 Nosheed Baz PS to Director General 091-9239066
Directorate of HR, Admin and Coordination
3 Arshad khan Afridi Director Admin, HR and Coordination 091-9216269
4 Aftab Ali Khan Ghazi Deputy Director HR
5 Zeeshan khan Deputy Director Admn & Coordination 091-9216269
Directorate of Finance, Accounts and Audit
6 Ajmal Khan Director Finance, Accounts and Audit 091-9216462
7 Amjad Ali Deputy Director A&A 091-9216462
Directorate of Law Tax Policy and Research
8 Rashid Javed Rana Director Law Tax Policy and Research 091-9216465
Directorate of Inquiry and Investigation
9 Zafarullah Khan Khattak Director Inquiry and Investigation 091-9216262
Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies
10 Muhammad Shiraz Deputy Director Network
11 Muhammad Asad Deputy Director Software & Database
Collectorate Sales Tax on Services
12 Muhammad Yousaf Afridi Collector Sales Tax on Services 091-9216081
13 Khalid Riaz PS to Collector 091-9216264
14 Shahnawaz Khan Additional Collector 091-9216251
15 Sharif Ullah khan Deputy Collector MSTU-I 091-9216374
16 Fazal Amin Shah Deputy Collector LTU 091-9216266
17 Zulfiqar khan Deputy Collector MSTU-II 091-9216373
18 Zaki Ullah Assistant Collector (Registration)
Pakistan Revenue Automation (Pvt) Ltd
19 Amin Ali Khan Manager PRAL
20 Jawad khan Facilitation Officer PRAL 091-9239062
21 Maryam Jr.DBA PRAL 091-9239062